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Narrator, Actor, Historian

Looking for someone to bring a cast of characters to life? I'm your guy. Need someone to make histories and non-fiction come to life? I'm an independent historian who loves talking about history, political science, economics and sociology, to name my favorite topics!

I graduated from Brandeis University in 2008 with a B.A. in History with a minor in Theater. I worked as an actor, producer and occasional director for several years, all while continuing my independent studies in my personal time. Since 2016, I've narrated and produced long-form narrative history podcasts and broke into fiction audiobooks as of 2021.

I have an insatiable appetite for knowledge, so I've been known to dive down rabbit holes of knowledge in all fields. I can tackle tricky pronunciations, I'm culturally competent and love a challenge.

I have four years of experience as a voice actor, as well as over a decade of stage acting experience in multiple genres and styles.

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Experience and Training


Skybox (Hector Mendoza), Romeo and Juliet (Friar Lawrence), Don’t Eat The Apples (Mr. Jingle-Jangle), Twelfth Night (Malvolio), The Tempest (Caliban), My Sister is an Actress (Jim), Macbeth (Various Roles), Aloha, Say The Pretty Girls (Richard), Hot Zero (Eric), Saint Joan (The Court Page)


Jetport TNT by Craig Mertler                  
Forgiving Maximo Rothman by A.J. Sidransky
Forgiving Stephen Redmond by A.J. Sidransky (Forthcoming 2021)
Forgiving Mariela Camacho by A.J. Sidransky (Forthcoming 2021)
The Movements: A Podcast History of the Masses - The Russian Revolution
The Movements: A Podcast History of the Masses - The Guatemalan and Cuban Revolutions


Audiobook Narration - Chris Ciulla
Acting for the Camera - Bob Krakower (One on One Studios)
Auditioning for the Camera - Pat McCorkle (One on One Studios)
Chekhov/Coaching - Scott Fielding        (Michael Chekhov Studio Boston)
Acting Modern Realism - Janet Morrison (Brandeis University)
Acting Shakespeare - Janet Morrison (Brandeis University)
Michael Chekhov Technique - Janet Morrison (Brandeis University)
Improvisation/Viewpoints - Adrianne Krstansky (Brandeis University)
Suzuki Technique - Adrianne Krstansky    (Brandeis University)
Acting - Marya Lowry (Brandeis University)

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