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Between Academic and Popular History

I've loved reading since I was a kid, when I would regularly finish entire Star Wars novels in a single day. As I got older, I became interested in learning the history of Guatemala, where my parents were born. In 2008, I earned a B.A. in History focusing on The Cold War and Latin America. Over the years, I've made my experience and knowledge available to others through my podcast, The Movements History Podcast, as well as through consulting for elected officials, comic book writers, labor organizers, and social workers.

As a first-generation Guatemalan-American who has struggled with systemic barriers throughout his life, I find it impossible to understand the world through a purely academic lenses. Though acting and history are closest to my heart, my work is informed by lived experience, as well as further reading and study of sociology, critical race and gender theory, and political economy.

History/Political Economy: Bio

"Kenneth has a great depth of understanding of both historical and current social movements. His knowledge is founded on both academic pursuits and his lived experience. He is able to explain how these movements form and function, as well as how they interact with our current political context. As an elected official I found his ability to translate academic information into lay explanation helpful as I helped my board navigate the current political climate. Kenneth puts a great deal of emphasis on citation of resources so that I was confident his explanations came from a place of historical context, rather than ideological motivation."

Max Cooper, MD, ER Doctor and Elected Official, Board of Commisioners in Nether Providence, PA

History/Political Economy: Quote

"When I'm looking for historical insight and perspective on my comic series, Kenny Fuentes is the first name on my list. Kenny's encyclopedic knowledge of history, politics, and sociology makes him an incredible resource to draw from, and his creative instincts make him one of the best collaborators I've ever worked with. If you want your project to incorporate both excitement and integrity, you owe it to yourself and your audience to tap into Kenny Fuentes' expertise."

David Pepose, Ringo Award-Nominated Writer of Spencer & Locke, Scout's Honor, The O.Z.

History/Political Economy: Quote
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